"SVN | Wood Properties has been managing and leasing our family’s Crossville property for over ten years. They have done an outstanding job in managing, leasing and tending to any and all issues which faced our property. They have invested extra time and effort to resolve all problems, and to move the property forward with style and dignity. We have great respect and trust in George Brown, Sara Bean and the rest of the team and have no hesitation in giving them our full recommendation."

Jacob Levy, Shopping Center Owner

Multi Family
Mixed Use
Mixed Use


  • Collect and deposit all collections, including base rent, additional rent, common area maintenance estimates and percentage rents 
  • Manage all accounts receivable and follow-up with any late-paying tenants 
  • Prepare an annual budget and review monthly expenses for variances
  • Provide detailed monthly financial reporting 
  • Manage all accounts payable services, including: reviewing vendor invoices for accuracy; processing and sending payables weekly; collecting W9s; and assisting with annual 1099 preparation and filing 
  • Oversee administration and documentation of property insurance 
  • Ensure vendors provide proper insurance coverages and proof of policies
  • Survey capital improvement needs and provide recommendations

  • Vendor and contract management 

  • Develop annual maintenance plan 

  • Manage and perform preventative maintenance 

  • Conduct vacancy inspections to ensure cleanliness and move-out inspections to ensure space is given back to landlord in the proper condition

  • Be available 24/7 for emergencies

  • Conduct monthly property inspections

  • Provide maintenance technicians if needed; time tracked with work order software, invoiced monthly 

  • Issue keys and facilitate signage approval and installation

  • Prepare and deliver welcome packet and maintenance information to new tenants

  • Act as a liaison between Landlord and Tenant

  • Respond to daily tenant requests, questions and concerns

  • Work within web-based property management software and tenant portal for easy online payment option

  • Abstract all leases in order to ensure all charges are collected

  • Provide monthly billing of base rent, additional rent, common area maintenance estimates and percentage rent

  • Conduct annual Common Area Maintenance, Property Tax and Insurance reconciliation billing

  • Work with owner on an annual basis to establish common area maintenance, property tax and property insurance estimates based on actual expenses or future budget

  • Ensure tenants provide Certificates of Insurance as required per their Lease and maintain accurate records


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      From suburban to urban, high-rise to low-rise, from Class A to C, we know office space. With more than 40 years of experience managing and leasing East Tennessee’s finest office buildings and representing the region’s best blue-chip businesses, we’ve got your office needs covered.


      The definition of retail real estate is rapidly changing, and so are the trends that impact it. We study demographics, consumer behaviors, property access, traffic counts and more to help you make the right decision. Whether leasing, buying or selling everything from shopping centers to stand-alone buildings, we know retail real estate.


      Virtually all of the products we buy are born and packaged in industrial real estate, and we understand the crucial role industrial plays in the world of commercial real estate. Our advisors understand the importance of proximity to transport, the functionality of a building or site and location within a company’s supply chain. With this deep knowledge, we advise owners, occupiers and investors of industrial real estate throughout East Tennessee.

      Multi Family

      Multifamily properties offer investors some of the most reliable streams of income among commercial real estate investments. We serve everyone from seasoned multifamily investors in trophy apartment complexes to first-time buyers of rental houses. Our extensive database of investors and properties enables us to find buyers and sellers with unmatched speed and access.

      Learn More about Our Multifamily Team


      East Tennessee draws tourists and business travelers alike, evidenced by the hotels and motels that dot our region’s roadways, cities and towns. We understand that each hotel and motel is a unique business enterprise, and when it comes time to sell or buy, hospitality investors need an advisor who will help them evaluate a property’s market pricing and marketability. We offer that expertise, as well as an extensive database of owners and properties throughout the region, enabling us to connect buyers and sellers with efficiency and effectiveness.


      Mark Twain famously said, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” With that in mind, we help developers and occupiers looking to build as well as land owners considering a sale. From conducting a market price analysis to helping a developer through the entitlement process and everything in between, we are the go-to land experts in East Tennessee.

      Mixed Use

      Submarkets, developments and buildings that offer a mix of property types are poised to do well in the future. Mixed use properties offer investors diverse income streams and interesting, attractive spaces for tenants. Establishing a market price for these unique assets requires an advisor with deep knowledge of and access to the market. And with offices in Downtown Knoxville, SVN | Wood Properties has worked with mixed use properties for decades.