CBRE Cites Knoxville as a Secondary Market Positioned to Thrive in the Next Decade

Following record economic expansion in the U.S., COVID-19 shutdowns and other pandemic-related events have led to a number of economic shifts that have required companies to reevaluate their existing real estate strategies. These shifts have also mandated changes in how businesses evaluate markets for their real estate needs.

Based on a number of new considerations, CBRE recently released a report highlighting 11 secondary markets they feel are positioned well for companies searching for alternatives. These factors include:

  • Population size and density
  • Population growth and momentum
  • Public transit dependence
  • Housing costs and foreclosure risks
  • Fiscal impacts
  • University pipeline
  • Major airport access
  • Climate

Knox county was one of only 11 that passed every guideline in the recent study. From robust growth to infrastructure needs, these are all markets that are poised to make great alternatives to traditional markets in 2021 and beyond. Read the full report to understand their methodology and see the full list of markets.